Elegant and Adventurous Family Photo Session in Delray Beach, FL

I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful family’s annual photo session at the Delray Oaks Natural Area.

We have managed to capture amazing and adventurous sessions at some of South Florida’s most beautiful locations for the past seven years; for instance, Delray’s Japanese Gardens, Miami’s Wynwood with a broken leg, the Boca Resort & beach, Jupiter’s Historic Riverbend Park and Jupiter’s Lighthouse to name a few! Many of these locations now require a photography permit to photograph there. Every single year brought on a new look, a new location and another marveolus experience.

How To a Achieve a Successful & Adventurous Session:

  • Be spontaneous, adventurous and willing to travel

  • Contact your photographer many months in advance so you can schedule the session & have ample time to formulate a plan (location, wardrobe, ideas, etc.)

  • Schedule a regular 60-90 minute session because time is needed to cover ground

  • Communicate your ideas and vision in advance

  • Arrive at your session ready for an adventure but at the same time ready to capture natural & precious moments … you have to be yourself!

  • Be willing to take direction and trust the process, when you relax and give up control on what you think your kids should be doing at a photo session … only then can you relax and enjoy yourself and let the photographer do her job :-)

For the session below, I captured this family at a completely new to me location! We explored our surroundings on the nature walk and randomly stopped to capture photos, look at plants, examine berries, and the entire family even climbed a tree (in heels) to capture the adventure. Check it out below :-)

Formal family photo session at Dubois Park in Delray Beach, Florida

When it Rains on Your Parade, aka Your Family Photo Session

Living in South Florida, it is impossible to avoid unforeseen rain storms! And when photographing families is your job … it can be a huge bummer! Most of the time we avoid the drama all together by calling off & rescheduling the session; however, sometimes it’s just not possible. Why? Clients only in town for that one day, no job flexibility with people who work demanding careers that require weekends or the weather forecast flat out did not show any rain … ugh!

In the case with this session, we happened to just arrive at our location and then the torrential rain started to pour on us. We sadly stood under a covered garage and watched it rain while trying to figure out what to do. We decided to stick it out and hope for the best because rescheduling wasn’t a possibility.

Here are Some Tips For a Rainy Predicament:

  • First and foremost, give the client a chance to reschedule for optimal light and sun!

    • make sure they are on-board with going with the flow and make sure they are willing to be ok with the results of potentially rainy photos

  • Have patience! The odds are the storm will pass.

    • we waited and it eventually stopped completely

  • Be creative! Is there a place for you to still photograph that is under cover?

    • in our case we found a covered parking structure and started our session underneath it, while it rained around us.

  • Be prepared! Do you have items that can be helpful for your session in this circumstance? (i.e. rain boots, umbrellas)

    • I was so happy that this client happened to have two adorable umbrellas that we were able to incorporate into the session.

  • When you are cool & calm, the clients will be too. So stay calm and carry on! :-)

    • We didn’t stress it, we went with the flow, we captured some amazing shots under the parking structure & guess what? The rain stopped, and we were able to venture around the area.

Check out the results of this situation below <3