Lifestyle Family Photography with the Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera

My first professional family photo session with the brand new Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera exceeded my expectations!

I’ve been researching mirrorless cameras for quite some time since I know of several colleagues who completely transitioned over from Canon & Nikon DSLRs to off brand mirrorless systems. I just couldn’t bring myself to switch over to a different brand so when Nikon announced it was releasing it’s very first mirrorless full-frame camera I had to try it.

The Nikon Z6 has been a perfect fit for my outdoor family photography and indoor newborn photography as well! It was an easy transition to go from the Nikon d750 to the Z6 because the cameras have a similar look and feel. I really love the touch screen options on the new Z6 and the video feature is phenomenal! As for the camera, The focus is spot on, the images are consistently sharp, even when the subjects are in motion. The color is vibrant right out of the camera. The background blur (aka bokeh) is creamy and smooth. In low light situations (especially indoors), the quality is still great there is no need for a speed light or external flash.

-The Z6 is currently rated as the #1 mirrorless of 2019 by, check out the article here.

-I did have to purchase a few extra accessories for optimal performance:

  • The mount adapter FTZ to be able to use all of my existing Nikon and Sigma lenses. I did not have to purchase new lenses which was nice and they all work wonderfully with the mount.

  • The XQD memory card to be able to store the images. It allows me to capture photos much faster than ever before.

I had the privilege of capturing this beautiful family’s session with my new camera. They were eager to capture their family for the first time since their baby girl was born over a year ago. They never got a chance to capture her professionally with the family because of some complications after delivery and throughout the year so it meant a lot to them to capture her essence and beautiful smile. I felt honored to be able to capture these moments for them. Using the Nikon Z6, I was able to capture their love. I was overwhelmed when I saw the results on my computer screen. See some of my favorite images from this session below.

The Jupiter lighthouse, the inlet and joyful families during a family photo session at Dubois Park in Jupiter, Florida